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Rachaël Draaisma: Calming signals of horses (Hevosten rauhoittavat signaalit)


su 14.10.2018 klo 9.00 - 17.00
Tapahtumapaikka: Sokos Hotel Vaakun, Gallen-Kallelan katu 7, Pori

Mitä rauhoittavat signaalit ovat? Miltä ne näyttävät? Milloin hevonen käyttää niitä? Millaisten muiden käyttäytymisen signaaleiden kanssa hevonen käyttää niitä? Miten lisääntyvä jännitys ja stressi näkyvät rauhoittavien signaalien käytössä? Entä mitä muita signaaleita hevonen käyttää?

Mitä näistä rauhoittavista signaaleista ihminen voi käyttää toimiessaan hevosen kanssa?
Miten voimme käyttää hyödyksemme tietämystämme hevosen rauhoittavista signaaleista ja muista kommunikaatiomuodoista toimiessamme hevosen kanssa edistääksemme niiden hyvinvointia, sosialisaatiota ja harjoittelua?

Rachaël Draaisma on hollantilainen eläintenkouluttaja. Viimeiset viisi vuotta hän on käyttänyt aikansa hevosten rauhoittavien signaalien tutkimiseen, mikä jatkuu yhä. Tämän lisäksi Rachaël kiertää Euroopassa luennoimassa niin tästä aiheesta kuin hevosten sosialisaatiosta ja hajutyöskentelystäkin.


What are calming signals? What do they look like? When do we see them? In what combinations of other signals do they occur? How does an increasing tension interact with the calming signals? Which other body characteristics and signals are recognizable?

Which calming signals can we copy to have a better understanding or our horses?
How do we apply this knowledge of calming signals and other communicative skills when working and living with horses to improve their welfare, socialization and training?

Rachaël Draaisma is a Dutch animal trainer. For the last five years she has studied the calming signals of horses and this is continuing. Rachaël lectures all around Europe about this issue as well as horses' socialization and nosework.

This lecture is a summary of a study that Rachaël Draaisma has conducted for the last five years under the mentorship of Turid Rugaas, the authority on calming signals of dogs. The goal of the study is to investigate and describe the calming signals of horses. These are the signals horses may give as a reaction to a stimulus/stimuli in their environment. The term "calming signals" has been chosen because these signals can be seen as appeasement signals to another (calming the other) but also as signals to release tension (calming oneself). During the study more communication elements have been added to do more justice to the varied language signals horses use.

To chart the calming signals as accurately as possible and to verify the findings Rachaël has used film material. She has filmed domestic horses and people when they were interacting with each other. These situations were not staged. The film material was then categorized. She has set parameters and analyzed films second by second. She noted the shape of the eyes, nose, mouth, the setting of ears and tail and she alson noted the body tension and movement of humans and horses. For this study Rachaël has analyzed 220 films with an average length of 7 minutes. Only those communication signals she had seen at least 35 times in various settings were noted. This to avoid generalization of perhaps an unique communication element.

The language of the lecture is English.

Everyone who is interested in the behaviour of horses and animals.

Sunday 14 Oct 2018 at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Gallen-Kallelan katu 7, Pori (ATTN. Place changed, updated in Septerber)

93 e/per person (75 e/person plus 24 % VAT). The price includes morning and afternoon coffee.

No later than 28 Sept 2018.

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