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DP Induction (basic)


ma 12.3.2018 - 15.3.2018
Tapahtumapaikka: SAMK-kampus Rauma, Merimäki

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
Maritime Campus
Suojantie 2, 26100 Rauma, Finland

This course provides participants with basic knowledge of Dynamic Positioning (DP), the principles and practical use of DP systems.

The course is designed for Deck Officers, Engineer Officers and personnel working toward an STCW Certificate of Competency (COC) who wish to start The Nautical Institute’s DP Operator Training Scheme. Maximum number of participants on the course is eight and minimum number of participants is four.

• A definition of dynamic positioning, the six degrees of freedom and the DP control function.
• Main elements of a DP system.
• Details of elements of the DP control system.
• The use of position sensors, input validation and error testing.
• The principle of wind feed forward.
• The concept of power and thrust limiting by the DP control system, the PMS and the thrusters.
• Types of vessel using DP. Consideration of the various modes and functions available.
• Types of thrusters and maneuvering systems, their configuration, capabilities and limitations.
• The principle of the action of DP control system controllers.
• The requirement and provision of redundancy in vessel's systems and DP class notations.
• Applying risk analysis and safe working limits to various operations.
• Operational procedures including planning of work site approach, operations and contingencies.
• Routine procedures for operating the DP system.
• Assessment of vessel capabilities with respect to environmental conditions, shallow and deep water etc.
• Use of the consequence analysis, in present and planning modus.
• Failure mode and effect analysis, proving trials, annual trials and mobilisation trials.
• Principles of set-up and operation of all commonly used position reference.

Simulator training is conducted using Navis Nav DP 4000 simulation equipment by Navis Engineering.

Participants must hold appropriate STCW certification, or state equivalent or be studying towards an appropriate recognized certificate. Please note that participants may only accrue a maximum of 30 days recognized sea time on completion of this course as a cadet or trainee.

NOTE: Participants are required to bring their STCW certificate, or equivalent, with them for verification of identity and eligibility, as well as one passport photo for their logbook. For further guidance, please refer to:

All participants are required to be able to read and interpret typical project documentation, procedures, technical manuals and safety information provided to DP- operators. Writing is required to the level of completing workplace forms such as different check lists, logs and reports. All training is conducted in English (in Finnish if it is first language for all participants). All provided study material is in English.

Assessment is carried out on completion of the training. The assessment is a computer based multiple choice questionnaire based on the Aims and Objectives of the course owned by The Nautical Institute. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass the assessment. Participants are allowed a maximum of three attempts of the assessment.
The assessment is administered by SAMK DP Training Centre on behalf of The Nautical Institute.

Day 1 8:00am to 17:00pm
Day 2 8:00am to 17:00pm
Day 3 8:00am to 17:00pm
Day 4 8:00am to 17:00pm

Registration form:

Last day of registration is 26.2.2018.

1736 € (1400 € + VAT 24%)
Course fee includes lunch, and morning and afternoon coffee at the University canteen.
Minimum number of participants is four. Otherwise the course will be cancelled.

Information about the course content:
Senior Instructor
Janne Lahtinen
Senior DPO, Master Mariner, Senior Dynamic Positioning Instructor
+358 40 7570021

Information about registration and practices:
Training Designer
Anu-Mari Elohaka
+358 44 710 3121

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